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Instructional Technology


Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Online Program
The Master of Education in Instructional Technology is designed for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in any field and who wish to increase their understanding of the role of technology and its appropriate use in the support of student learning.  This degree option is also appropriate for industry educators (those outside theP-12 environment) who wish to study instructional design and learn how technology can be used in learning and teaching. This degree is non-certified.
Instructional Technology, M.Ed. Plan of Study
Suggested Course Sequence

Education Specialist (Ed.S.)
Online Program
The Instructional Technology Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree will prepare candidates with sought after technology skills in professional settings that include P-12 schools, government, higher education, healthcare management, and business and industry environments. A graduate with a Master’s degree from any area is eligible to enter the Education Specialist in Instructional Technology program. This degree is non-certified.
Instructional Technology, Ed.S. Plan of Study
Suggested Course Sequences

Instructional Technology Ed.S. Admission Requirements
Step-by-Step Guide to Apply
MAT and GRE Testing Information

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