Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) at AUM was founded in the early 1980s.  Faculty members within the Department of Kinesiology have developed extensive research agendas in the following areas:

  • The role of exercise for the prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Metabolic and cardiovascular responses to various forms of activity
  • Cardiovascular-autonomic regulation
  • Cross-validation of various predictors of physical fitness
  • The physiological responses to exergaming
  • Pilates exercise

Since its creation, the HPL has trained a large number of undergraduate and graduate students in applied exercise physiology.  The HPL recognizes that enabling students to be actively involved in current science provides an invaluable tool for developing a deeper understanding of the content learned within the classroom.  Volunteering opportunities and graduate assistantships are generally available. 

Robert Herron

Instructor of Kinesiology

Co-Director, Human Performance Laboratory