The AUM College of Education recognizes that the development of a competent, committed, and reflective educator means the development of a Professional Educator.

NAEYC Accreditation CACREP Accreditation NCATE Accreditation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation? 
    7:30 – 5:30, Monday – Friday

What does it cost?  
     Non-AUM                                       $2,680.00
     4 Monthly payments of                       $670.00
     or weekly payments of                       $167.50

     AUM Student/Employee                $2,260.00
     4 Monthly payments of                       $565.00
     or weekly payments of                        $141.25

Are there payment options?

     Yes, you may pay by the semester, or make monthly or weekly payments.

When is the AUM ELC closed?  
     The Early Learning Center is a university laboratory school, therefore we are open according to the university student calendar.

Are meals and snacks provided?
     The Early Learning Center provides a morning and an afternoon snack for each child. Lunch boxes may be bought from home. If parents wish to purchase a hot lunch from school, they are $3.30 per day.

Does the child have to be potty-trained?

Where is the ELC located?
     We are located behind the Education building at 7051 Senator's Drive, on the AUM campus.

What is security like at ELC?
     The facility is equipped with video cameras for consistent surveillance. Additionally, all doors leading into and out of the Early Learning Center are locked and must be opened by a staff member. Parents and visitors must be escorted into the center.

Quotes from Parents

From Tony Arizia:

It's such an amazing feeling to see those happy little faces, to know that our kids are enjoying each other's company and all those activities while we (parents) know that they are under your care and supervision. I can't say it enough. THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM!

From Joe Mazarik:

I know I or maybe ALL us don't say this as much as we should but I know I am very thankful that my child is an AUM-ECC kid. What my little lady gets from all of you and your staff is unequivocally the best care and nurturing I could ever hope for.

From Ashley Lucier:

AUM ECC has been such a positive environment for our son; he enjoys going to school and constantly talks about everything they do when he gets home. It's apparent that the teachers and interns care greatly for the children and they have done an amazing job. We are confident that our son will be ready for elementary school in a few years, mentally and emotionally, because of the dedication AUM ECC has to its students!.